Milonga Nuevo

Hong Kong Milonga

Every Thursdays, 9pm-12am
Defin8. 17/F Silver Fortune Plaza. 1 Wellington st. Central. Hong Kong
Price: $120
Kamong - 92235629 for Details

Since January 2006, Edith & Kamong have hosted “Milonga Nuevo”, the first “alternative” Milonga in Hong Kong, on Thursday nights. Previously, between 2004 and 2006, a “Milonga for Youth” was held less regularly on Saturday nights

Milonga Nuevo’s music playlist combines a careful selection of traditional tangos, as well as new versions of classical tangos produced by contemporary tango orchestras. Electronic and fusion tangos are also featured. Each week, we will introduce newly released and varied Tango albums from Buenos Aires and various other countries.

We offer Tango dancers and enthusiasts in Hong Kong a unique Milonga experience where the atmosphere itself dances between the energetic and romantic, while remaining elegant and fun!